About 15 Minute Fitness:

North Corner of GymSmall history about Mark Nett:

After 20 years managing health clubs and providing personal training for thousands of people from Australia to Arizona, Idaho to Thailand, Mark has perfected his fitness system based on solid physiological research that is creating breakthrough results in personal fitness and well-being for many local people.

What we provide:

Relaxation Room 15 Minute Fitness is a new, innovative approach to fitness training. At our private studio, we combine light weights with high intensity to provide optimal results in a short duration. With our scientifically based workout program, we GUARANTEE that you will either lose weight, lose inches, or significantly increase your overall muscular strength or we will give you your money back. 15 Minute Fitness is structured in a very unique way. It provides an extremely private workout environment without mirrors and without lots of people. We provide private personal training, two times a week, for 15 minutes with an additional five minutes for nutritional counseling. There are no hidden fees or contracts to sign. We offer only month to month memberships with very affordable rates for your convenience. Your first appointment with 15 Minute Fitness is a complementary assessment. We will find out information about your health history, take your initial weight, measurements, along with blood pressure, and take a before picture. You will also perform a basic strength assessment. If you decide that you would like to begin training, we will provide you with a basic nutritional packet that includes simple guidelines, a shopping list, and food logs. Nutrition is a very important part of our program and we recommend recording your food intake during your first month so that we can offer healthier suggestions when needed.